Lewis and simon spawn.)

Lewis: what a lovely day.

Simon: I miss granny.

Lewis sees someone)

Lewis: hello?

???: like my armor lewis? oww,my head hurts.

Simon:Duncan! how can tekkit be fused with SOI?!

Duncan: well,remember Tinman played Pirate tinman...

Lewis and Simon: yes?

Duncan: and how he was fired....

Simon: yes?

Duncan:he hacked into the tekkit server and set of 50 nukes.All of the users were chucked here.

Lewis: we gotta stop him! but how.

(Skylord Lysander swoops over in a airship.)

Skylord Lysander: I will get you where you need to go!

All: Lets go!

Part 2:(Skylord Lysander is flying the airship)

Duncan: I think I see a tent over there!

Simon: Land the ship!

(ship lands)

Lewis: I see someone!

Mr Banjo: Hello dwarf who lost against strongman bruno!

Simon: Shut up.

Duncan: Have you not seen anyone recently whos not part of your group?

Mr Banjo: well,yes,but they joined my group.

Duncan: What was their name?

Mr Banjo: Lomadi-

(an arrow hits mr banjo and kills him!)

Hannah: Oh sorry, thought he was talking to Tinman.

Simon: Come Hannah, lets go.

(They head to the ship to find it in ruins)

Hannah: OMG!

???: it looks like...Dragonfire!



Simon:Look Lewis its a chest with a note!

(Lewis reads note)

(Dear dumb yogscast,

I have destroyed this to stop u from finding my base,

I have also kidnapped skylord lysander,

from tinman)

Rythian:Here stay in my castle,its a little damaged and was catapulted here from tekkit but its in goodish shape.


Part 3:

(inside the castle)i

Rythian: Duncan,Do you have anything to help find the others?

Duncan: I do Rythian,the closest three are Gamechap and bertie,Teep and Ravs.

Lewis: we will need People to Help us.

Simon: I have an idea!

(simon calls Um_bongo, Father_Bruburn ,Skylord jasper and Fumblemore.)

Hannah: there here already!

Skylord jasper: I got your message.

Lewis: lets split up,Me simon and bongo will go to find Bertie and gamechap,Duncan skylord and bryburn will find Teep and Fumblemore and hannah will go to find ravs,Rythian will guard.


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